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Back to School: 5 Steps to carrying the right backpack

Back to School: 5 Steps to carrying the right backpack

Using the right backpack the right way matters!

1: Pick a backpack that has 2 padded straps that go over your shoulders. The wider the straps the better to give you more support. Wear both straps to create more equal weight distribution.

2: Pick the correct size backpack, you don’t want one that is over-sized.

3: Limit your load to 10% -15% of your body weight.  Make stops at you locked more often to switch books and lighten up your backpack.

4: Put heavier items towards the back, or if its too heavy and your can’t remove items consider a backpack with wheels.

5: Tighten your straps so backpack is snug on the back. You don’t want a backpack that sags below the hips, which tends to pull the child backwards.

by Tiffany Collins, PTA

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