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Allegheny County

Armstrong/Indiana Counties:

Beaver County

Butler County

Lawrence County

Wesmoreland County

If you do not reside in any of the counties listed here and need help finding your local early intervention providers, contact:

CONNECT Helpline: 

(800) 692-7288

What is Early Intervention?

EI is a variety of coaching, supports and services designed to build and enhance the natural learning that occurs in the early years. The program integrates the use of individuals educated in child development and their area of specialty with support and coordination of the residing county. The collaboration among parents/guardians, service providers and others significantly involved with a child can be provided in the home, child care facility or community setting. Any child, birth to three years of age, is eligible for a free developmental evaluation through Early Intervention.
We embrace a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, focusing on the development of the child, collaborating with caregivers and other service providers in the best interest of the child and family.
Our therapists are highly educated, have a wide range of experience, and receive ongoing education in current research and practices. Our staff is committed to providing outstanding therapy and support to every family we meet. We believe we offer the highest level of Early Intervention services available and will provide you and your child with the necessary tools to continue progressive development.

How to get started:

The first step in the process is to contact your local county early intervention program. A service coordinator will be assigned to you and you will begin working with him/her to gather preliminary information for an evaluation. This information is important because it will help to assemble the appropriate team members for your child’s evaluation. An evaluation will only occur with your permission.

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