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5 Fit Things on a Pillow or Dyna Disc –  by Megan Kormos, PTA

5 Fit Things on a Pillow or Dyna Disc – by Megan Kormos, PTA

child standing on dyna disc5 exercises you can complete on a pillow or Dyna Disc 

1. Lunges (works on strengthen and stability)
put one foot on disc/pillow and step opposite foot back in to lunge position, then bend both knees. Keep knees from going over toes.

2. Abs (Strength and stability)
sit on disc/pillow and pick up both legs and hold position for 30 secs. repeat 3 times.

3. Stand on one leg (balance and stability)..too easy close your eyes and try.
Also, stand on one leg now try to touch your toe 5 without stepping off.

4. Stand with one or 2 feet on disc and toss a ball to a partner. (Balance, stability, and coordination)

5. Sit on disc at your desk while completing home work or an art project. (Core stability and a great sensory input for those with the need to wiggle.)

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