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Have a Ball! 5 Ways to Exercise with a Ball, By Jessica Shultz, DPT

Have a Ball! 5 Ways to Exercise with a Ball, By Jessica Shultz, DPT

soccer-ball5 Exercises to do with a Soccer Ball/Basketball

1. Sit Ups- Get a partner and sit facing each other. Person holding the ball lays down and does a sit up, as they come up pass the ball to your partner and they repeat.
2. Target Practice: Set up 5 cones (can use boxes also) try kicking or throwing/’passing the ball to knock down one target at a time to practice coordination and accuracy.
3. Around the World: Sit back to back with a partner, hold ball with two hands and rotate to pass to your partner and continue on the opposite side, this works your core muscles.
4. Taps: Ball on the ground start with one foot gently resting on top of the ball, quickly switch feet, and continue , see how fast you can complete 20 taps to work on balance and coordination.
5. Squat jumps: Start with ball on the ground, complete a squat reaching low to pick up ball, push through to jump up and bring ball overhead, land with knees bent and return ball to the ground.

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