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christine_lunz_250Christine Lunz

Christine is an Occupational Therapist in our Moon location and our Early Intervention program as well as our OT mentor on staff. She is from Pittsburgh and graduated from the University of Pittsburgh.

She finds pleasure outside of work watching her children swim and do gymnastics. In her spare time she enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family and exercising/walking.

While Christine’s grandmother received OT and PT for joint replacements, she would observe therapy and loved what they did for her. “I watched her learn how to complete her daily activities in different ways and became interested in helping others learn to do the same.” Her favorite thing about working with children is how fun it is. Christine loves to play games and enjoys how excited kids get over the little things and their accomplishments. “Hearing them laugh during treatments makes it seem so fun for them.” She is committed to working with the whole family to accomplish goals.