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Jump into Exercise – By Kaitlyn Kline, DPT

Jump into Exercise – By Kaitlyn Kline, DPT

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Make Jumping Fun!

1. Tug of War:  Grab a friend and get tugging… try pulling backwards, forwards, with only one hand or hopping on one foot!
2.  Walk the Line:  Lay the rope on the ground and try to follow its path.  A straight will be easiest, or challenge yourself with curves and zigzags!
3.  Multi-directional Jumps:  Lay out 2 ropes in a cross, making 4 sections.  Jump from one section to another.  Jump backwards, forwards or diagonally.  Keep your feet together when you jump or challenge yourself by hopping on one foot!
4.  Helicopter:  Hold onto one end of the rope and swing is around in a circle low to the ground.  Can your friends jump over the rope without touching it?  Raise the rope higher with each revolution.
5.  Classic Jump Rope:  Jump with your feet together, jump on one foot, jump while alternating feet, stay in one place or skip around.  How many revolutions can you make in one jump?
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