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Scooting into Fun! By Karalee Barch, PTA

Scooting into Fun! By Karalee Barch, PTA

girl-scooter-therapyScooters are a fun way to put a new spin on exercise.

They can be purchased at many online stores and local retailers.  Adding a scooter to your exercise routine is a great way to mix things up, or it may be what you need to get on a roll with a new exercise routine.  Either way please be safe and have FUN!

  • Seated Scooter: utilize your feet to pull yourself forward, or push yourself backward. (Make it more challenging by utilizing only 1 leg at a time.)
  • Belly roll: lie flat on your belly and pull yourself forward with your arms. (You can use a second scooter under your feet to hold them up.)
  • Scooter Crab Tuck: Sit with feet on scooter, bum on ground and hands placed behind self on ground. Lift bum from ground and slowly control leg extension forward and backward.
  • Scooter pull: tie jump rope around stable surface, sit cross leg on scooter and utilize arms to pull self forward with jump rope.
  • Scooter Push Up and Tuck: Lie on belly with tops of feet on scooter. Push up into and hold plank position, pull legs in flexing knees – keeping bum down, then extend legs back to starting position. (Make sure to keep your back straight throughout.)
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