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Speech & Language Therapy Programs

Social Language Groups:

Our speech-language therapists believe the best learning for social language skills is achieved in opportunities for social communication with peers. At Positive Steps Therapy, we provide just that atmosphere for our clients. Our social language groups are led by certified speech and language pathologists and provide children with social language needs the opportunity to develop those skills within a structured atmosphere. Our groups consist of approximately 2-3 children and goals are developed based on each individual child’s needs. Groups meet weekly and the children are provided with direct instruction of skills from their therapist, as well as opportunities for implementation within a structured setting. Extension activities and strategies are also provided for the home in order to improve carry-over of skills beyond the clinic setting.

Speech, Language, & Hearing Screenings: Our speech-language therapists believe that early intervention is key to the successful development of the whole child. For this reason, we have taken a proactive role in our community to provide speech, language, and hearing screenings to children ages three to six years. We currently collaborate with several local preschools and daycares in order to provide these screenings, which aid in the early identification of speech, language, and hearing disorders.  Screening procedures are conducted on-site during the regular school day and involve the use of both formal and informal assessments for speech sound production skills, voice, fluency, auditory processing skills, grammar, and overall language development. Formal audiometric screenings are completed with the use of a portable device and headset. Please contact us if you would like to request more information or to arrange a screening for your facility.