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1. Crafts

Click here to print out pictures of Little Red and the lion. Color, cut and act out the story with them!

2. Coloring

Click here to print out pictures to color of Auntie’s house and the woods!

3. Parent Teaching Guide

Try going over these topics with your children after reading the book:

What is the title?
Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion

Who is the author?
Alex T. Smith

Who are some of the characters?
Red, Dad, Lion, Auntie

Where is the setting?
The woods, auntie’s house

How does the story end?
Little Red teaches the lion that he doesn’t need to be sneaky but be honest to get what he needs.

What are some words that rhyme with: red, hair, teeth, etc.?

What are some opposites of: hungry, angry, clean, etc.?

4. Here are some good parent guides on ways to read to your kids:

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